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Thick Skin Toupees

What are thick skin hair toupees?

Hair toupees are the modern solution for baldness. Hair toupees are made by natural hair or often artificial hair that can be attached to one’s skin. Hair toupees are easy to use and clean. They are comfortable and look great. Hair in hair toupees come in different textures, lengths, and colors just like natural hair.

What is a thick skin hair toupee?

The thick skin hair toupee is a category of a hair toupee and it comes in a variety of thicknesses. Thick skin hair toupees use two methods, one is V-looped and the other is lift injected. The thicknesses vary and many companies offer different types of thicknesses but the following are the most common thick skin hair toupee thicknesses:

  • 0.03 mm – It is the thinnest skin hair toupee in the category.
  • 0.08 mm – 0.1 mm.
  • 0.14 mm.
  • 0.25 mm.

These different thicknesses can be opted differently by a person.

Benefits of thick skin hair toupee:

There are numerous benefits of a thick skin hair toupee but different thicknesses offer different types of benefits.

0.03 mm thick skin hair toupee

The benefits of wearing a 0.03 mm skin hair toupee are:

  • It looks very natural as it is not very thick. It creates an overall natural look. 
  • It is light. The person wearing this thickness doesn’t feel any burden or problem due to its light-weight.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • The hair in this toupee is soft.

0.08 mm – 0.1 mm thick skin hair toupee

The benefits of wearing a 0.08 mm thick skin hair toupee are:

  • It makes the hair in the hair toupee look natural.
  • It is breathable as it is very light.
  • Due to its light-weight and structure, it makes the hair look natural and it looks like the hair is growing directly from your scalp.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • It Uses the lift injected method, making it easy for you to comb your hair in whatever direction you like.

0.14 mm thick skin hair toupee

The benefits of wearing a 0.14 mm thick skin hair toupee are:

  • It is thicker than 0.03 mm making it more durable. 
  • It uses V-looped hair eliminating the factor of knots in the hair.
  • Creates an illusion of natural hairline.

0.25 mm thick skin hair toupee

The benefits of wearing a 0.25 mm thick skin hair toupee are:

  • It is the thickest hair toupee. 0.25 mm thick skin hair toupee is made up of silicon. Silicon is a very tough material which makes this hair toupee much more durable than other thick skin hair toupees.
  • The lifespan is about 1 – 1.5 years.
  • Suitable for young adults and teenagers due to its thickness. 
  • Makes the hair look denser and thicker.


Though the thick skin hair toupees have various thicknesses, a person can choose whatever they like. Most of the thick skin hair toupee companies also make custom made thicknesses according to the demand of the person.

One can enjoy life fully without any hair problems. One can do almost any physical activity wearing these thick skin hair toupees like swimming, going to the gym, and much more without having the fear that the hair in the toupee will have negative effects.

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