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Men's Hair Toppers

Best Hair Toppers for Men & Styles of Hair Toupees

Hair plays a crucial role in how an individual feels about themselves & the confidence they carry. As hair loss is hereditary, it is sometimes unavoidable. It can be an extremely stressful experience affecting the ability to progress in certain aspects of life. Unlike women, it is unconventional to seek hair loss alternatives such as wigs, hairpieces, or toupees as it is common for men to feel insecure about it appear natural. As a result, instead, men turn to shave their heads or hold onto the bits that are left of them.

Men's hair toppers are an excellent solution for men with hair thinning or hair loss on their heads' crown & top. Our men's hair toppers hide baldness & help restore confidence.

Toppers are excellent choice for long-wear &, once fitted, can last up to six to eight weeks before they need to be refitted.

Hair toppers blend with your own hair & look very natural because your own hair is on show too. Therefore, it is important to get a hair topper that matches your natural hair color.

Statistics show that 20-30% of men above the age of fifty are male baldness victims. Loss of hair may be due to sickness like cancer, some drugs, stress, or maybe hereditary. Hair transplant is expensive, & medicines might have undesirable side effects. Hair wigs are a great remedy for hair loss as compared to the other two options.

Understanding the Hair System

The base is the material or product used to make the hair system foundation – the base layer is the one by which the hair is attached. Two of the most famous bases are thin skin & fine lace:

Skin Base Hair System

Thin skin based hair system is very much similar to a contact lens & is known as a solid surface polyurethane hair system base. Being non-porous suggests that elements like air, water, or sweat doesn't pass through the base; however, it is light & comfortable & looks very natural as these base systems mold onto your scalp.

Thin skin base hair systems have excellent front hairlines appearances, looks & often have looped ventilation at the front. The life span of the skin base hair system is estimated at around 13 weeks with good care.

Lace Base Hair System

A fine lace based hair system is soft & undetectable. This skillfully knitted piece of mesh fabric hair is another great non-surgical hair replacement option. Fine multifilament synthetic hair thread is basically used to which hair is hand-tied. The lace base hair system is breathable & the scalp can be rinsed whilst the system is worn.

Lace base hair systems can be Swiss or French compositions. All are comfortable & durable & come in different sizes.

There may be a tiny bump when meeting products or materials in the front hairline area; the appearance is still good but usually not as natural looking as a Thin Skin system.

Mono Hair Systems

For those searching for hair replacement options, monofilament hair systems – called “mono base hair systems” - are an excellent & popular choice when it comes to getting that full, silky, natural look back. Monofilament system wigs, toppers, & falls consist of a monofilament base that is light & breathable.

Good & Quality Wigs Cannot be Blown Away By Air or Brisk Movements.

There’s a misconception in the people about hair replacement because the wigs can easily be blown away by the wind or be dislodged from their position when you start dancing or engage in other brisk physical movements.

In fact, with the excellent quality hairpieces and hair toppers for men made today, it is also possible to dance or exercise the way you like even if you are wearing the hairpieces for men. If you feel insecure, you also have the extra products and materials available that will help secure your hair toppers for men properly without allowing them to dislodge.

For instance, you can buy wig clips or other such products to secure your wigs in a better way. It will certainly help you to enjoy unrestricted physical movements even while wearing your wig.

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