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Men's Hair Systems

Everything you need to know about different types of men's hair system

2/3rd of men usually start to lose their hair by the age of 35. While, after reaching their 50, 85% of the men start to experience hair thinning. However, many men adopt professionally designed and created men’s hair systems to replace their natural hair to get their full natural look back.

Types of men’s hair systems

Do you want to know more about some of the most common types of hair systems for men? Let’s have a look at the details of three most commonly known men’s hair systems we have mentioned below.

The detailed information here is meant to let you have a better idea about the things in this regard:

Full French lace hair system

Full French lace hair system is the most commonly consumer hair system by men worldwide. It is based on a lace system all around the scalp area of the hair system to offer more natural and even look to the user.

Key features of full French lace hair system
  • Full French hair lace system is extra durable as compared to other hair pieces.
  • As this hair system is full of tiny holes due to lace, therefore, it can offer you exceptional breathability as well.
  • Even more, French lace is an excellent option to create more realistic and invisible hairlines.

Thin skin hair system

A thin skin hair system is a good yet invisible and undetectable hair system which you can easily use for your everyday look. It can be the best option to consider for the ones who want a more comfortable fit.

Key Features of thin skin hair systems for men
  • Thin skin hair system can blend in the natural hair of the wearer so amazingly, that you will forget that it’s even there.
  • The thin skin hair system can do an excellent job for receding hairline without even giving a heavy feel of wig.
  • Thin skin hair systems for men are lightweight enough and meant to create durable and stunning looks to satisfy even the most discerning men.

Overall, this can be the best for the men with an active modern lifestyle and looking for a lightweight and durable hair replacement solution.

Monofilament hair system

Monofilament hair systems are typically also known as mono hair systems for men. This type of hair system can be considered as one of the easiest available hair replacement options. These hair replacement options are meant to offer you natural feel, comfort and appeal more effectively.

The Monofilament hair systems for men can let you have a natural, silky and full look back.

Key Features of Monofilament hair systems for men
  • Usually, the Monofilament hair system is light in weight and allows your skin to breathe in the best possible way.
  • Monofilament hair systems for men are durable and strong enough to support long-time wear and heavier hair density.
  • The honeycomb structure of this hair system will allow the sweat and heat to escape and keep you cool even in hot weather.

Overall, a mono hair replacement system is the best for the men who are looking for durability and strength in wigs.

So, you certainly got enough information here about the men’s hair systems. This information will certainly help you in making a more effective choice with ease.


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