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French Lace Hair System | Men's Toupee Hair Pieces

Lace Hair Systems

French lace is soft and comfortable to wear, has good breathability. You will still feel cool in the hot weather.

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Skin Hair Systems

Micro skin not only looks and feels great, it is also the simplest basic material for gluing and cleaning, which will make your hair system life more convenient.

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Mono Hair Systems

Mono is more durable than French lace and Swiss lace, but is as breathable as lace material. But at the same time mono will be a little bit stiffer than lace.

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Premium Quality

Offering the BEST men’s hair systems in the world is our businesses vision. We want to impress you with our premium quality product and we will never stop improving to exceed your expectations.

Competitive Price

We offer a wide range of hair systems with different prices and we are confident that you will find one that meets your budget.

Immediate Shipment

From the moment you place your order, you most likely want it to arrive as soon as possible. We totally understand you. Our Shipping team makes every effort to ship each order out as fast as they can.

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