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How To Measure Your Hair Loss Size And Pick A Matched Hair System Size?

Today we are going to show you how to measure your hair loss area and find out the hair system size you will need.

Things you will need: a measuring tape, a mirror and a comb.

First, you need to find out where your front hairline should begin. If you still have a growing hairline like this, then it is here.

If not, it is easy to find it. Usually, it is four fingers width away from your eyebrow. Or there is another way to double check. Raise your eyebrow as high as you can and then run your finger up your forehead to find the joint point of the soft tissue and hard tissue. The joint point is where your hairline should start.

After you have found your front hairline, use a make up pen to leave a mark here or you can use a comb to press out a line.

Then let’s start the measurements:

  1. Measure the Widest Area of Hair Loss Area

Hair loss width

Measure the widest area of your hair loss area from one side to the other.

  1. Measure the length from front to back

Hair loss length

Measure from the front hairline to where your hair loss stops at the back of your head and write down the number.


Well, for this mannequin head, we have its size as 5" width x 6.5" length. This is a simple measurement that is enough for picking a stock hair system.

If you plan to place a custom order, you’d better to provide us with two more measurements, so when we make the template for your custom order, we can make it more exactly matching your hair loss area.

  1.  Measure the Second Width

Measure the width where is 2" vertically from your front hairline towards the back.

  1.  Measure the Third Width

Measure the width where is 2" vertically from the edge of your hair loss area in the back towards the top of your head. 

So for this mannequin head, we have its length as 6.5", first width 5", second width 5", and third width 4.6".

For most stock hair systems, they are in the size of 8"x10" and most of them can be cut smaller to match your hair loss area. Take full skin hair system as an example, it can be cut into 5"x6.5" with no problem at all.


However, for very few styles, the base cannot be cut off too much. Take Q6 hair system as an example, the poly in the perimeter is only 1.5". So if you cut it off too much, there will not be enough room for tapes. That’s why Q6 hair system has three sizes of 6"x8", 7"x9" and 8"x10" for you to choose.  For the mannequin head, even the smallest size 6"x8" will not work because it cannot be cut into 5"x6.5". So you need to go with other styles which can be cut to your size.

These are all about the measurements and hair system sizes. It usually requires two people to complete the measurement together, and you can ask your family or friends to help you.  If you have any questions about the measurement and want to know which base can be cut freely while which cannot, please contact us by and our experts will explain everything to you.

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