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Skin Hair Systems

Men’s Hair System: Advantages of Skin Hair Systems

Selecting a right hair system can sometimes be extremely challenging. There are a plethora of viablehair systems options (such as skin hair systems), and other variables that totally depend on your own personal needs such as (gender, maintenance preference etc.). Never fear! We are always here to cut through that noise & help you find the best possible hair system for your needs!

We know that you might be extremely excited about receiving your skin hair system, and that you want to be able to take care of that hair system as best as possible.

Don't worry, we’ve varieties of options along with some of our personal recommendations, so that you can buy everything you need before your new skin hair system arrives!

What makes a skin hair system detectable? One of the most common errors in selecting a right hair system is completely ignoring the frontal hairline. People only see the frontal view first, so it’s where you are most vulnerable. With natural and real hair, the frontal hairs make a delicate transition

4 Advantages of Skin Hair Systems

1.Made With Better Material

Thin skin base for cap hair pieces is made of polyurethane, making it completely a non-porous solid surface. So, there is literally no chance of any dirt or any sort of pollutant getting inside the base or the sweat getting out into the skin hair system. The material is thin and extremely soft, and therefore, it will bring you no discomfort.

2.Extremely Thin Surface of Skin Hair System Provides Naturality

The name of the skin hair system itself clarifies the appearance of the quality of base, which is skin-like. The base material of this system is as thin as 0.03-0.08 mm, which makes it light-weighing & quite comfortable to wear too.

The thinness of the skin hair system base gives transparency to the scalp, and hence it becomes really impossible to differentiate whether one is wearing a cap wig/hair system or whether it's your natural hair.

3.Lower cost

Getting yourself a skin hair system is much more cheaper than having a hair transplant, not to mention it can really avoid the possible risks including long-recovery time, poor results and other postoperative complications. Even though a skin hair system often needs washing, repairing & replacing, It is still within the range of what most men can afford.

Even better thing is that you could easily buy it in multiples, that means you could change your appearance or look freely and have a spare system if something happens to one system.

4.Low Maintenance & Highly Durable

Compared to other types hair systems or non-surgical hair replacement system's bases, a thin skin hair system lasts much more longer, for about 13-15 weeks if handled properly. It's extremelyeasy to clean and light-weight. You can wear it with glue too, and since it’s non-porous, the glue won't mess your hair up.

Out of all the hair systems coming into the hair system and replacement market, thin skin system remain undefeatable till today. Their benefits are numerous, which keeps you using it at ease & causes no irritation. Many wig manufacturers and toupee manufacturer also offer the service of making customizable cap wigs and hair systems with thin skin as their base, as per your client's needs.

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