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Non Surgical Hair Replacement Systems

What Is a Non-surgical Hair Replacement?

Non-surgical hair replacement is one where there is no medical intervention that includes follicular transplantation via the FUSS or FUE methods. A client instead consult with an expert in custom hair replacement design to restore the look and feel of full, healthy, natural hair with custom-made hair pieces. Whether it's a full wig, topper, extension, or fall, the hair piece is produced with top-quality materials to do anything and go anywhere.

How Much Does Hair Replacement Cost?

Surgical hair replacement costs range from $4,000USD to as much as $50,000USD. As such surgeries are cosmetic and not intended to correct a medical condition, insurance will not cover them. Moreover, these surgeries do not guarantee to stop hair loss! Clients may see their grafts fail or have further hair loss. Custom hair replacement systems cost a fraction of surgery, and with proper maintenance will last for years.

How Long Does A Non-surgical Hair Replacement Last?

Durability depends on the materials used and the manufacturing process, as well as daily use. Non-surgical hair replacement can last a few months or for years. A hair piece for someone who runs triathlons is exposed to sun, wind, water, sweat and other issues while one for someone going about an office job, some time at the gym, and chasing after the kids will not have as much wear and tear.

How Often Should You Wash A Hair System?

As a rule, don't wash a hair system more than twice per week. Hair systems can be washed off the head - such as in the sink - or the shower. Human hair wigs should be washed very gently so as not to cause damage to the weave of the hair instead of scrubbing with the fingertips. Gently pat with a towel until damp, then comb out and style as directed by the stylist.


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