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Men's V-looped Hair System

Features of V-looped men’s hair system

First of all, we need to know what a V-looped men's hair system is, it is a technique to fill up the bald area of the scalp in such a way that the hairs of a person look so natural. In this technique, a very thin sheet is used through which the hairs go passed from one hole and taken out of one hole. They do not have knotted ends that make a loop so unnatural.

Top Features of V-looped men’s hair system:

V-looped men’s hair system is a more appropriate way to get rid of being called bald, this wonderful masterpiece is designed in such a way that it looks so real and nobody can identify if you are wearing a wig or having natural strong hairs. Some of the features of V-looped men’s hair are described below:

  • Base Material 

The base material should be strong and of good quality as the base material of any product is considered to be the foundation that never is weak enough and non-flexible. A transparent, durable, strong, and less thick poly material is used.

  • Hair length

The standard hair lengths are available is six inches but it can be changed by having a cut. Different hairstyles with different hair lengths can be adopted without any problem of looking artificial.

  • Size of scalp covering cap

The size of the cap is kept standard that it could be used by anyone. But it is not fixed, you can change it by specifying the scalp size you require.

  • Density of hair

Hair density is kept very near to natural hair density from light to medium which may vary from 100 to 120 percent and can also be changed if made in order.

  • Color of hair

A large variety of hair colors are available but the most common and on-demand colors are rich black, dull black, dark brown, and light brown. But you can use a dye to change the color by enjoying the versatile feature of these V-looped men’s hairs.

  • Texture of hair

The texture of hair also varies like straight hair, wavy hair, and curly hairs.

After the Features of V-looped men’s hair system, let’s move on to the benefits.

Benefits of V-loop men’s hair system:

The V-looped hair system is high on demand these days due to its vast benefits compared to other hair systems. Some of the benefits are:

Nearly natural effect

In this system, the hair used is the human hair of any donor, and this hair is fixed in the very thin poly sheet cap without making a knot in it. The hair texture looks soft and up to date. A knot is made, and the hair density also makes a medium that makes the V-loop hair system perfect for you.

Durable virgin hairs

Most probably the virgin hairs are used while creating a V-loop hair system for men which do have still their cuticle with them. These cuticles keep the hairs upright straight and long-lasting at least with one year warranty.

Another benefit of these virgin hairs is the natural color of hair which have never been dyed and exposed to damage.

Easy to wash

There is no problem with the hairs as they are natural and can be worn any time and you can wash them when you need them as you use to wash your natural hairs.


Features of V-looped men’s hair system show that they have such wonderful properties that might attract any buyer after reading the descriptions and their benefits.

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