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Real Hair Toupee

Men's Real hair toupee and its advantages

Out of the different kinds of artificial hair replacements, the men’s hair toupee is of much prominence. They are especially famous amongst men that have partial baldness, and it has been used by them for several years. They have a few types, and several benefits, which we shall discuss shortly.

What is a Men’s Hair Toupee?

A couple of common (alternative) names for men’s hair toupee are “hairpiece” or “partial wigs”. It’s the latter that is a point of focus since it gives us more input on the item. Basically, a toupee is used to blend in with the hair that remains on an individual’s head and covers the portions that are bald, giving the impression of a head full of hair. This can be used for theatrical purposes too.

Types of Hair Toupee

There are 2 major types of men’s hair toupee:

  • Synthetic Hair Toupee – It is a toupee made up of artificial fabric, that resembles real hair.
  • Real Hair Toupee – It is a toupee that is made up of real hair, of other individuals that may have donated or sold their own hair.

Advantages of Real Hair Toupee

While synthetic hair toupees are also used, it’s the real hair toupee that is of utmost importance and prominence in the world. It has a lot of advantages, some of its own, and others above the synthetic variants. They are discussed as follows:

Has a longer life expectancy

As compared to a synthetic hair toupee, a real hair toupee has a considerably longer life expectancy. That means, you will not have to buy them again and again, and it will cause you lesser inconvenience when compared to a synthetic hair toupee. Moreover, a longer life expectancy also offers you a guarantee and surety that your head is well covered and has become a part of you.

Gives a more natural look

When compared to synthetic hair, a real hair toupee will give you a more natural look. Although manufacturers are trying their best to make synthetic hair look like actual hair as much as possible, they are far from perfection. And it can be expected that they will remain far from perfect for long.

Real hair toupee blends with your own hair perfectly and looks as if those are genuine hair on your head (which they literally are, but not yours).

Has more flexibility in styling

You can comb and condition the real hair toupee just like you do with your own hair, a feat that cannot be achieved with synthetic hair. Moreover, you can try more styles with real hair toupee and you can also dye them easily and beautifully. This level of flexibility is not available when it comes to synthetic hair.

In short, nothing is comparable to a real hair toupee.

Final Thoughts

If you have baldness on the top of your head, it is the best option for you. However, you could also use a toupee for certain other conditions and under various circumstances. Consult your technician for that.

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