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Men Hair Units

Types of men's hair replacement units

Hair replacement units are very common nowadays. Hair loss is the biggest problem faced by people of all aged groups. To conceal the effects of hair loss and groom your overall personality replacement is a better option than hair transplant through surgeries or using any kind of medicine. 

Process of hair replacement units:

It is the safer and most affordable way for treating hair loss. Here are certain steps involved in the process of hair replacement units that are fitting, styling, and maintenance. They give a very natural look and do not come off even if you swim or take shower.

It involves covering the scalp with a base material which is a transparent layer. This forms a tight membrane after which Human hair is attached to the base. This is a painless and invasive process that also allows the scalp surface to breathe because the base has a porous membrane.

Types of men's hair replacement units you need to know about:

The base that you attach to your scalp decides the type of hair replacement unit. Different types of bases are used made up of different materials. Commonly a base called skin is used which is breathable and looks very natural. It is also very comfortable with no side effects or irritation of any kind.


It gives an Illusion of growing hair from the scalp but it is a bit harder to manage and clean up.


There is another type which is known as monofilament. It is also quite comfortable and breathable, preferred by many people.


The last option is a polymer. It can be durable and look good but sometimes it gets uncomfortable and causes irritation.

The hair replacement units must be cleaned after 3 to 4 weeks to give them a natural look.

So, these were some of the Types of men's hair replacement units you can check.

Human hair and synthetic hair:

Once the base is implanted you can use either human hair or synthetic hair. You can also go for a mix of both. They both provide a natural look and are long-lasting. However, the better option is human here because synthetic hair can be burnt or damaged while styling. Synthetic hair cannot heat and if electric appliances are used on them it gets damaged easily. On the other hand, human hair looks more natural and they are not prone to damage or burning. They are also easy to style and fix.

Ventilation is also given while attaching the hair to the base. Most popular types are Knotting, injection and looping.

Things to keep in mind:

After getting a hair replacement unit you must be vigilant enough to take care of it properly.

1.Wash them once a week to keep them clean.
2.Clean them thoroughly after three to four weeks. 
3.Keep them well maintained and styled properly. 
4.Do not use Chemicals or excess amounts of shampoo as they are not getting essential oils from the scalp and can get dry. 
5. Protect them from damage and pollution


Hair replacement units are convenient and a better option than surgical processes. You should select the best type of base and here for a long-lasting and confident experience.

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