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How to adjust men’s hairpiece

As we all want to look beautiful and we consider that our hair should be very impressive and beautiful. Some men have rough and thin hair and some men are bald (with no hair). These types of people also want to look beautiful at events and programs.

So, there is a solution to get rid of this perplexity. Men can use hairpieces to have a beautiful look. Many people feel difficulty in the attachment of hairpieces. So, I am here to guide you about the attachment of hairpieces step by step.

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Benefits of using hairpieces in a home:

You all should know about the attachment of hairpieces at home. This will help you to save money that you spend in hair clubs to have beautiful hairstyles. For impressive looks, you should keep the method of attachments of hairpieces in your mind.

So, let’s have a look at the procedure of attachment

Principle demands for attaching hair systems for men:

There are two main requirements before attaching the hairpieces. So, preparations are very important before attachments.


Men should prepare themselves before attaching their hairpieces. Following are the precautions:

Ready your skin:

You should remove every type of oil and impurities from your hairline s that the bond of hairpieces and your hair can be more durable and stronger.

Apply crown preserver:

You should apply a scalp protector to avoid irritation and any kind of damage to your skull.

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Methods of applying the hair extensions for men:

There are many methods for the attachment of hairpieces for men. I will explain some methods which you can use in your home.

1-Liquid adhesives:

You can use liquid adhesives for attachments so that the bond can be stronger and more long-lasting. It is the silicon-based and water-based liquid. Silicon-based formulae are sticky for attachment. Here is the step-by-step guidance of attachment by liquid adhesives.

  • First, you have to apply the layer of adhesive liquids. You should be careful of drying the earlier layer before applying the next one.
  • Let the adhesive layer dry a little bit then you have to press your finger to check if it is ready or not. It should show some stickiness with your fingers.
  • Then you should apply to spray on your hairline so that the adhesive liquid remains a little bit wet to completely attach with hair extension.
  • Now there is a turn of placing the hair system. Place it in the front hairline and then backward slowly to ensure the complete attachment on the frontline.
  • While moving backward press the hairline gently to completely attach it with your skull.
  • In the end, you should have a look at the edges of the hair system to ensure that it is completely bonded with your scalp. If it is not attached then you should apply more adhesive liquid at the edges and then press with your fingers to completely attach.

2- hairpiece tape:

If you want some easy way of attachment then you can use hairpiece tape. This is for a short term duration. So, the following are the steps of using these tapes.

  • Choose the tapes which suit you to use on your head.
  • Cut the tapes into small pieces.
  • Then you have to peel the one piece of tape and attach it to the edge of the hair system. If you are satisfied with the first piece then attach the second one.
  • Place your hairpiece on your scalp and press it to attach completely.

3-Toupee clips:

If you don’t want to use adhesive liquids or tapes you can use these toupee clips on your head. These clips are more comfortable to use. Hair clips can be used multiple times on the same hair system but you have to change the position so that there would not be more stress on the hair. It is also used to prevent hair loss.

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According to the above explanation, you should keep in mind all the steps of attachment of hairpieces on your scalp. This will help you to easily attach hair extensions at your homes.

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