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Invisible Hair Systems

What Is Invisible Hair System?

Looking for an invisible hair system for yourself? Then you are at the right place. But first let’s understand what an invisible hair system is. Invisible hair systems are those hair systems that have all the hair qualities you need.

Whether you are going to the office, or going shopping - the invisible hair system is the hair system you need to have.

What Makes a Natural Hairline?

The factors that contribute to an invisible hair system are:

Front Contour: Obviously, everyone’s head size is not the same. As there are not too many leniency choices for sizes, by selecting the correct size is extremely crucial for creating an invisible hair system.

Base Material: Base materials have varieties of different strengths & weaknesses, however, with regards specifically to the topic of “invisible hair system”, each base material uses different methods to improve the hair system invisibility.

For example, when using a French Lace invisible hair system as the base, the knots are usually bleached to make a more natural effect. Sometimes when using a combination of different hair materials, for example, French Lace & Skin material, the skin is used all over the majority of the invisible hair system, but for the front hairline French lace is actually used to incorporate the bleached hair knots.

Besides French Lace, the other hair material that is used, and that works extremely well on the front area of the invisible hair system is Skin! The characteristics of the Skin system material is that it is undetectable once put on. This is most commonly used on the Full Thin and invisible hair system Unit.

When you are using a combination of quality hair products and materials, to make the best invisible hair system, Thin Skin PU is usually placed around the perimeter of your hair system. This not only helps make a more natural effect, but also, your customers can easily use tapes because of the Skin/Pu perimeter.

Advantages of invisible hair system

Below are some of the advantages of using an invisible hair system.

Made With Better Material

Thin skin base for an invisible hair system is made of polyurethane, making it completely a non-porous solid surface. So, there is absolutely no chance of any dirt or any sort of pollutant getting inside your base or the sweat getting out into the invisible or thin skin hair system. The material is thin and extremely soft, and because of that, it will bring you no discomfort.

Extremely Thin Surface of Skin Hair System Gives You Naturality

The name of the skin hair system or invisible hair system itself clarifies the appearance of the quality of base, which is skin-like. The base material of this invisible hair system is as thin as 0.02-0.04 mm, which makes it light-weighing & quite comfortable to wear too.

The thinness of the skin or invisible hair system base gives transparency to the scalp, and hence it becomes quite impossible to differentiate whether one is wearing a hair system or whether it's your natural hair.

Lower Cost

Getting yourself an invisible hair system is much cheaper than having a hair transplant, not to mention it can really avoid the possible risks including long-recovery time, poor results & other postoperative complications. Even though an invisible or skin hair system often needs washing, repairing & replacing, It is still within the range of what most men can actually afford.

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