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Poly Hair Systems

Poly Hair System and its unique advantages

The poly hair system, also known as the polyurethane hair system is a system of hairpieces that have a base of polymers. It is used as an alternative to the monofilament hair system. Although the purpose of this system is just like its alternatives, it gives advantages that are starkly different from the rest of them.

Advantages of the Polyurethane Hair Systems

The poly hair system is specially designed to make your life merrier and more peaceful. It will be clear to you after you read on these benefits of the poly hair system:

1.This is a breathable System

By the poly hair system being a “breathable system”, we mean that the polymers that act as a base are porous, and hence allow air to enter inside easily.

  • It means that your scalp will remain well ventilated, and you can use them without any worries in all seasons, especially the summers.
  • Moreover, the passage of hair will keep your scalp fresh and healthy.

2.You can rinse your scalp

In certain other hair systems, you have to often take off the hairpiece to wash it and rinse your scalp. However, that is not the case with the poly hair system.

You can throw water on your scalp with the poly hair system on, and the water will reach your scalp just fine.

Moreover, your scalp will also dry out pretty soon.

This gives you the perfect experience of rinsing actual hair.

3.They are extremely comfortable

The polyurethane hair system is designed in a special way to ensure maximum comfort.

The base of mesh fabric settles on your scalp well and firmly, giving an impression that the hair is real.

Also, you will not feel itchy on your scalp, and as we have discussed before, you do not have to take it on and off over and over again.

This is a plus for people that get annoyed easily or are short on time.

4.They retain their shape and form

Although there are hair systems that have a longer-lasting time than the poly hair system, the plus point of this system is that it retains its shape and form during its lifetime. In other words, a few other hair systems start damaging early, and it can become quite visible to the people. However, the poly hair system is durable enough to be itself even when a significant time has passed.

5.They are easily maintainable

Although care is something that all hair systems require, with a polyurethane hair system you do not have to spend as much time and energy maintaining them. You just have to wash it occasionally and follow the basic procedures that have been advised by your provider, and your hairpiece will be totally fine. On the contrary, other systems require a lot of care and maintenance.

Final Thoughts

You should consider a polyurethane hair system if you are looking for comfort and peace. Their benefits will prove to be quite fruitful both emotionally and financially and will boost your confidence and outlook on life.

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