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Hair Pieces For Men

Men's Hair Pieces and Characteristics of the Three Styles of Hair Pieces

If you want to find a men’s hair hair system that looks natural & comfortable, it is very vital to select a suitable base for your hair system.

There are several kinds of base materials like skin, lace, mono and integration and many more. This blog post introduces the main characters of three styles of hair pieces commonly used in hair system bases. We hope that this article can help you select the appropriate and right hair system and style for you and your customers.

How Do the Men’s Hair Pieces Solve the Bald Issue?

The bald men's real problem is distorted images once they start losing hair. The young appearance suddenly disappears making them look more old even though the bald man is young at age. To overcome this major problem, hair technicians design & handcrafted a product known as men’s hairpiece for covering the bald head.

The newly build men hairpieces gives a realistic appearance to the wearer & so it has a high demand among buyers who need it. The models, varieties, and different ranges are plenty at the hair stores selling hair units. The bald issue is now perfectly solved by using men’s toupees by bald customers.

Characteristics of Lace Hair System

Lace hair system is a soft, airy & invisible base material system for men and women hair wigs. It always gives you a natural look where no other person can notice the scalp skin and gives the lace new look as it seems to be concealed.

People can experience comfort, relief and density like original human hair, even in hot climates. It is considered extremely popular amongst all other hair systems opted by men across the earth.

Lace hair system or pieces are realistic, comfortable & pretty breathable. Lace hair system for men can fit hair length with about 5~6 inches.

It is easy to trim to any size and length according to your need with several styles without being worried about your hair length.

On the basis of the permanent hair attachment, it can last for about 3-6 months. Wearability time of lace hair system may vary depending on the individual & their maintenance level.

Characteristics of Skin Hair System

Skin hair systems are well-known with many buyers as skin is natural, especially thin skin. Additionally, skin hair systems are very easy to take care of and and the skin is more sticker with tape than lace. There are three kinds of skin hair system: clear poly, poly with gauze & poly coating.

Clear Poly: Poly looks transparent in appearance. It is much more thinner than the other two kinds of leather. The clear poly is further divided into many types according to its thickness. The thinner the skin of the hair, the more natural the skin hairpiece will look.

Poly with gauze: As its suggests, poly with gauze so this system has a layer of gauze in the poly which further increases the thickness & durability. So, the poly with gauze is thicker and very durable than clear poly – but even thinner than poly coating.

PU coating: Poly coating is the thickest kind of skin hair system, so it’s way too strong and can even hold heavy density & long hair, This type is usually used in combination with lace hair system or mono hair material. However, it’s easy to be visible & we also suggest to use under hair with it to cover the poly.

Characteristics of Mono Hair System

For men who are looking for the most durable and perfect hair replacement system, mono hair system can be a perfect solution. It is strong & durable enough to manage heavier hair density & long-time wearing.

Similar to the lace system, the honeycomb structure of this men hair system allows the heat and sweat to escape easily which makes you feel more comfortable and cool even in the hot weather.

Thanks to the mono or poly perimeter, these mono hair replacement systems are extremely easy to clean and install with both tape & glue.

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