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Toupee Hair Replacement Systems

Why Wearing Hair Systems are a Good Choice when Compared with Hair Transplants?

People who suffer the problem of hair loss, often face the choice between having a hair transplant or wearing hair systems to hide their hair loss. The word for artificial hair that is placed on a person’s head is a “hair system”. The word ‘toupee’ is basically used to describe a small piece of artificial human hair that is used to hide a bald area, particularly for men.

Nowadays, the phrase ‘hair system’ has been introduced, giving men a more sophisticated and personalized look. Other words of this type include “skin hair transplants”, “hair additions”, “transformation” & a variety of less explicit words like “rugs” or “units”.

The results of any hair transplant are long-lasting, and transplant provides a natural look and often represents even a less expensive option than wigs. Currently, with the huge range of hair transplant surgeries with a high level of satisfaction for customers has relegated the use of hair systems for many people suffering from hair loss.

Cost comparison Between Hair Systems and Hair Transplants

Many people around the world have this misconception in believing that having a hair transplant is the most expensive solution for men's hair loss, and a hair system is a much more affordable method. With time, it is turning out to be exactly the opposite. While it is true that any hair transplant requires a significant amount of investment. Also, the maintenance of the transplanted hair costs a bit more than any good shampoo & a trip to the barber every two months.

Obviously, at the start, the buying of a hair system is cheaper than any sort of hair transplant. However, the hair system needs meticulous maintenance, most probably, a ‘service’ must be applied every six weeks, which shows a significant cost.

When a hair system is serviced, the customer should continue with their normal routine lives, and he can use a second wig or a third hair system if required. Additional hair systems will also need regular service & will need to be replaced as well. Of course, hair systems can be purchased at relatively a low price.

When is a Hair System a Suitable Option?

A hair system can achieve better coverage & density of hair than that of a hair transplant. In addition, the modern men hair system helps you to have a head with hair that looks & feels natural. One of the benefits of hair systems is that the hair supply is actually unlimited, while in the hair transplant method the hair surgeon can only transplant the amount of hair that is available in the donor area of the patient.

Temporary Baldness

For those people who undergo the process of chemotherapy, or some other sort of stress or drug therapy that creates temporary baldness, a piece of hair is a better solution than hair transplant surgery. People often choose for this option, buying several hair systems in different styles and colors.

Diffuse Baldness

In cases where hair loss is very extensive, the donor area sometimes is not sufficient, so a hair transplant would not solve the problem. Severe cases of the male pattern baldness can leave too much scalp in the head to cover, with very few hair to do it with.


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