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Swiss Lace Hair Systems

Swiss lace is one of the world's most advanced nets for making toupee, but it requires a very high craft to make Toupee. The produced toupee has the best breathability and comfort in all types.

Full fine soft Swiss Lace with bleached knots, no one could realize that you are wearing a toupee. Best price for same quality, hair salons usually sell it at more than $350.

Our Swiss lace hair systems size is 8" x 10" which can can meet almost all customer needs for toupee size. The hair length is 5-6 inches (measured after straightening the hair) You can achieve your favourite hairstyle without worrying about the length of the hair.

Our hair density naturally varies from place to place and our wigs are made according to this natural distribution of real hair density.

This is a high-end product and gift which perfectly solves the troubles caused by men's hair loss.

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