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Modern Toupee

How to Clean Your Modern Toupee?

Learning how to clean a modern toupee is an essential step in good toupee care. Whether you have a stock hairpiece or modern toupee, use toupee adhesive or hairpiece tape, the process is quite easier than you may think.

Washing your modern toupee on a consistent basis is key to a long hair replacement system lifespan, since adhesive residues, oil extreme build up, & dust can damage your modern toupee over time. Not to mention that without proper cleanings, your hair replacement system may start to smell.

Though most of the steps are the same for all modern toupee, cleaning methods can vary depending on what kind of material your hair system is actually made of. In order to thoroughly clean your modern toupee without damaging it, it is vital that you determine whether your toupee is made of synthetic or human hair.

You should surely have the following supplies prepared ahead of time when cleaning either modern toupee or human-hair hairpieces:

  • A modern toupee strand to support the hair toupee while brushing & styling it.
  • A brush designed specifically for use with modern toupees.
  • A bathroom with ample space for washing & styling your modern toupee.

Modern Toupee Cleaning Instructions

If you have determined that your modern toupee is made of synthetic hair, be sure to follow this process to clean it properly.

Gently brush your modern toupee while it is dry. A toupee strand is helpful in this whole process, as it helps you to brush the toupee carefully without snagging base material. The immerse your hair toupee in a container full of cold water. Your bathroom sink should work absolutely fine if you put the stopper in it. Remember one thing, hot water can damage modern toupee so use cold water only!

Soak the complete modern toupee, including the base. Remember to never brush your synthetic hair toupee while it is wet as you could damage your modern toupee. With your modern toupee wet, it's now time to move onto the hair shampoo! Put some liquid synthetic hair shampoo on the palm of your hands, & then gently spread it through your whole hair system.

After a while, rinse your modern toupee thoroughly with some cold water. Get rid of any hair shampoo residue that might be on your base. If you have any stuck-on residue left on your modern toupee base, now would be a excellent time to remove it.

Once your modern toupee is fully cleaned, it is time to apply some synthetic hair conditioner. Put a good amount of conditioner on your palm, & gently spread it through your hands of your hair toupee. Do not allow the hair conditioner to come into contact with the base of your modern toupee, as this could loosen hair knots & result in hair loss.

After letting the conditioner sit in the modern toupee for a few minutes, thoroughly rinse it out of the modern toupee. Now your modern toupee should be squeaky clean. So that was the proper way on how you can clean your modern toupee.

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