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Hair Toupees

What's a Toupee?

If you are unfamiliar with hair pieces, there may be some negative connotations surrounding toupees, but there shouldn't be. Toupees have come a long way over the last ten to twenty years.

These can be made from natural or synthetic hair. Some are made from actual human hair, often donated to organizations making hairpieces for cancer survivors. The synthetic hair looks and feels natural and is used by men and women.

A toupee is usually designed to cover a bald spot, as opposed to a wig, which covers the whole head. The toupee can be attached with a tape or even woven into existing hair for a more permanent solution.

Human Hair Toupee

The human hair toupee has a natural look and feel and has a longer life expectancy than synthetic. You also have more options for styling, as the human hair can be dyed, styled and permed.

They are also far more expensive, they are far more fragile and they styling and maintenance are far more labor-intensive than its synthetic counterpart. The color of the hair may be less consistent, as it comes from many different sources.

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