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How Much Does A Men's Hair System Cost?

The hair systems at Honourhair comes with four different base textures and materials. Each base is designed for people with different references and has a different price range for people having different budgets being able to afford them.

The different base materials are:

1- Lace for lightweight and breathable feel, ranging from $180 to $250.

2- Skin for a transparent and realistic look, ranging from $120 to $250.

3- Monofilament material for easy maintenance and durability, ranging from $170 to $250.

4- Silk base material for vivid scalp look, ranging just above $200.

Hence, we can see that we get a lot of options available at a different price range starting from $120 and going above $250. This is how cheap and affordable our hair toupees are, which are ready to wear from the moment you receive it. The best thing about this Hair System is that you can own multiple toupees for yourself and it will still save you money as compared to other hair replacement options.

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