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Men's Hair Density Definition | Hair Thickness Chart - Honourhair

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Choosing the correct density is one of the most essential factors in ensuring your hair system looks unbelievably natural. It is pointless investing in a hair system that is obvious and detectable as a result of choosing the wrong density and the simple truth is that an unnatural looking hair system can be noticed from far away. One of the main reasons why most other hair systems are so easily detectable is a result of unnaturally thick hair.

We strongly recommend that when choosing your density you opt for a transitional density that replicates nature. This means selecting a density coverage which has a subtle graduation to it just like real growing hair.

Hair density is the amount of hair strands on the head. Generally, it is measured by counting the number of hair strands found in one square inch (2.5cm) of scalp. When a stylist tells you that you have thick hair, it is high density he/she is describing. Generally, the classifications of hair density are thin, medium, and thick, and are unrelated to the texture of the hair. The average head has approximately 2,200 strands of hair per square inch, and a total of approximately 100,000 hairs.

Extra light 60%

Is way too thin, only for aged people.

Light 80%

This is an very light density, it will show your scalp when parted.

Light to medium 100%

This hair density is the most common density for men. Natural and not so much volume hair.

Medium 120%

This hair density is the regular hair density for young people.

Medium to heavy 140%

This hair density is a little bit heavy density for men, suitable for their twenties and thirties.

Heavy 160%

This hair density is too heavy for normal wear. This hair density is usually used for heavy theatrical wig.

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